BestPrax Barometer - A tool for good governance
  Without a meaningful mission, an organization has no purpose.

Without effective implementation of that mission, an organization fails.

Good governance is essential for both a meaningful mission and its effective implementation.
  The widely publicized failures and bad governance practices of some organizations have caught the attention of the Indian government, regulatory bodies, business community, and public at large. This has resulted in the formalization of new standards of compliance, procedures, and disclosures with corresponding penalties for failure to comply. Their ultimate objective is to set a higher standard of accountability for the leadership of the governing boards of organizations. Download a sample
Feedback Report on Leadership
These new standards and expectations of performance require boards to be aware of Best Practices, have a better understanding of their role in reviewing, approving, evaluating and, where needed, supporting the actions and decisions of the CEO. The future will require more commitment, competency, and time on behalf of board members. In time, governing boards could even be asked to demonstrate (i.e. measure and disclose) whether the organization is being effective in fulfilling its mission, and whether the board is effective in its oversight responsibility.

Effectively speaking, Business Governance is an amalgamation of:
  1. Leadership Governance
  2. Management Governance
  3. Operations Governance
  Where And How Does One Start?  
  The BestPrax Barometer. The BestPrax Barometer is a series of 12 self-assessment e-tools to measure the quality of implementation of Best Practices for business governance. The 12 independent self-assessment e-tools address the following management categories that expand into 135 Best Practices (Click on the "+" symbols to expand each management category"):

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Expand 1 Leadership1 Leadership
Expand 2 Strategic Planning2 Strategic Planning
Expand 3 Customer and Market Focus3 Customer and Market Focus
Expand 4 Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management4 Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
Expand 5 Cost of Poor Quality5 Cost of Poor Quality
Expand 6  Human Resource Focus6 Human Resource Focus
Expand 7 Value Creation Processes7 Value Creation Processes
Expand 8 Support Processes8 Support Processes
Expand 9 Supplier and Partner Focus9 Supplier and Partner Focus
Expand 10 Improvement and Innovation10 Improvement and Innovation
Expand 11 Internal Quality Audits11 Internal Quality Audits
Expand 12 Business Results12 Business Results
  What Does One Receive Per Self-Assessment?  
  1. Up to 100 BestPrax Barometer logins for appropriate leaders, managers, and supervisors to conduct a confidential, comprehensive self-assessment of the organization, in flexible hours. (Additional logins are available on request).
  2. A Feedback Report that presents:
    1. Methodology for scoring
    2. Score for each Best Practice
    3. Overall score for the management category
    4. Perceived noteworthy practices
    5. Perceived laggard practices
    6. Prioritization of practices requiring improvement
    7. Select case studies from the BestPrax Knowledge Base (supporting 2.6above), to facilitate implementation.
  3. Click here to download an 18-page sample Feedback Report on Leadership
  4. Membership to all leaders, managers, and supervisors (selected in point 1 above)to the BestPrax Community, an e-forum for sharing and growing Best Practices.
  Does One Need To Work With All E-Tools?  
  The answer is “No”. The BestPrax e-tools can be used in any combination appropriate for the organization. The following is a suggested selection guide:

  What Kind Of Budget Is One Looking At?  
  • INR 10,000 per self-assessment per management category.
  • INR 1,00,000 for a set of 12 self-assessments.
  To get started or to find out more please write to: