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Global Benchmarking Network
The Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) is an alliance of leading benchmarking centres worldwide who share a common vision and mission.
The GBN was founded in November 1994 by representatives from benchmarking centres in Germany, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. The GBN is a non-profit organization. Funding comes from affiliates' annual fees and other sources approved at the annual meeting. It has a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, and a Secretary General. Current membership comprises more than 25 benchmarking centers which represent more than 30,000 business and government agencies.
For more information visit: http://www.globalbenchmarking.org/
Business Performance Improvement Resources
The BPIR.com website was launched in April 2002. It was developed by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER), Massey University and later formed into BPIR.com Ltd. Steve Welch one of the creators of the resource serves as the Managing Director and Dr Robin Mann, founder and creator, as the Commercial Director. Dr Robin Mann is also the Director of the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research and Chairman of the Global Benchmarking Network.
The BPIR started out as a project within COER where a team carried out research on what support is provided to organisations, small and large, via the internet, to help improve business performance. The foundation and interest behind the research was strongly linked to the experience of the team as qualified business excellence evaluators using the EFQM and Baldrige models.
For more information visit: http://www.bpir.com
Gulf Lead Consultants
Gulf Lead Consultants provides international-caliber consultation and training services in industrial engineering and management systems; targeting different market sectors including oil and gas, government, communication, and logistics and manufacturing; through home-developed local Professionals.
For more information visit: http://glc-im.com/
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