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BestPrax Club offers three premiere workshops for process improvement, creating innovative next practices, and trading best practices for cross-industry benchmarking.
Process Improvement Labs
Process Improvement is a choice with no options. It requires challenging the standard, continuously.
Process Improvement Labs is a four stage methodology:
PROBLEM DEFINITION – A faulty problem definition will lead to an unexpected solution
PROBLEM DIAGNOSIS – The team must scout the Symptom-to-Cause terrain using Quality Improvement Tools
PROBLEM REMEDY – Each root cause requires alternative innovative remedial solutions
LOCKING THE IMPROVEMENTS – The team must ensure that the improvement is maintained after they disband.
NextPrax Labs
Best practices are mortal. Competition ensures the best becomes a common practice. In order to remain competitive NextPrax Labs are required for proactively challenging the harvested best practices, and creating innovative next practices.
NextPrax Labs is a three stage methodology:
DEFINE - Determiner the focus area; form a project team; prepare terms of reference
MAP - Map the process around focus area; define performance measures; measure current performance; prioritize practices for innovation through NextPrax Labs
CREATE - Ideate with creativity tools; benchmark cross-industry best practices; harvest ideas; design NextPrax solution.
TRADE Certification Workshop
The TRADE benchmarking methodology is focused on the exchange (or “trade”) of information and best practices to improve the performance of processes, goods and services.
TRADE is a five stage benchmarking methodology:
T erms of Reference (plan the project)
R esearch (research current state)
A ct (undertake data collection & analysis)
D eploy (communicate & implement best practices)
E valuate (evaluate the benchmarking process & outcomes)
TRADE Benchmarking Certification provides assurance that the TRADE benchmarking methodology is fully understood.
Principal Partner: BPIR.com, New Zealand
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